Apr 24, 2011

Gadget Tips - Create Screenshot on Ipad & Android

Make screenshots or screen display file is sometimes necessary when you're writing or doing presentations. Indeed there are some smartphones have an easy way to make a screenshot with the push certain buttons. But, most other smartphones can only use an additional application or you do a little modification.

The following tips for easy creating screenshots for type smartphone or tablet :


Apple device includes easy to use for making screenshots. Apple has provided a shortcut to make a screenshot with a very simple way. This method can be used to iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. The results can be transferred to a computer screenshot easily because Ipad can be regarded as a flash disk so stay just take a screenshot of the file that was created.

1. Press the power button on the right side of the iPad, and when pressing the button, at the same time  press the iPad under the screen. You will see the screen flash occurs (flash) white and there is a click. This means the screen has been documented
2. Go to the Photos application on the IPAD and screenshots will be in the application
3. There are options to send screenshots in a few options either by email or copied, for example, select the email.
4. If you want the email type the email address of the destination.

For mobile phones and tablet with Android operating system, you need a bit tricky business to be doing screenshots. Even so, there are several series of Android phones already provides a means of self screenshots like the one in mobile Garmin Asus. 

At the another mobile phones and tablet  we need a little effort to be able to do screenshots. In the Android Market are available such as additional applications to make a screenshot but the drawbacks are cell phones that can use that application is a mobile phone that has been root. This of course makes it difficult because the process of rooting Android phone is not easy matter.

The easier step is to use a combination of the SDK (software development kit) provided by Google and the free downloadable, Java SE Developer Kit and the USB drivers from Android devices. For the record download the Android SDK are located in "http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html" consuming large download capacity by more than 1 Gb. In these pages you can choose the SDK that you use for Windows, Mac, or Linux.

1. Once the SDK is installed it will appear that has been updated SDK package.
2. Java SE Developer Kit is available on the page "http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk6-jsp-136632.html".
3. Make sure the USB Driver from Android devices you already have already installed, such as HTC devices.
4. Make sure the Android device settings> application> its unchecked development marks a USB debugging.
5. Open Dalvik Debug Monitoring in android SDK menu> tools> ddms. Interface will appear that shows that Android devices actively connected. Select the device> screencapture.
6. After that, we can directly save the screenshots that we want.

Source : http://www.selular.co.id - (Lukman Aribowo)


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