Apr 12, 2011

ASUS NC1 - Anti Noise Headphones

Asus introduced Active Noise Canceling (ANC) headphones at CeBIT 2011. ANC headphone, ASUS NC1,  able to reduce noise as much as 87%, most efficient performance rather than all types of headphones in its class. Not only that these headphones also comes with a lightweight material, weighs only about 130 grams. 

To use this headphone users only need one AAA battery which is claimed to provide power headphones up to 100 hours active, so headphones are suitable for the commuter, tourists, office workers and students in need of high-quality audio devices

Up to 87% Reduce Noise

NC1 headphones equipped ANC advanced technology that filters out 87% of surrounding noise. These headphones are actively detect sounds in the environment, such as engine sound and vibration of railway tracks, then make the sound waves to eliminate such noise. NC1 produce hifi audio using the speaker-sized 40mm drivers with neodymium magnets, ensure quality audio reproduction, and dynamic bass sound reproduction for individual use.

Audio Quality, with or Without ANC

With ANC on, NC1 headphones can operate up to 100 hours with just one AAA battery, more than twice the headphones battery life classmate. Users can disable the ANC to enjoy NC1 without using the battery, stick with high quality sound to enjoy music, movies, and voice conversations, when used in a quiet environment and to conserve battery power.

Compact, Lightweight, and Easy Carried

NC1 using lightweight materials and fold-flat design, making it easy to carry and entered even into small bags. Use of breathable protein leather-covered memory foam ensures comfort for the user when a long-term use or when traveling afar, including current long-haul flights.

ASUS did not provide any details such as pricing and a release date, although they were nice enough to supply a list detailing the NC1's hardware specifications.

ASUS NC1 Specifications:

  • Speaker driver 40mm (neodymium magnet)
  • Impedance 32ohms ± 4ohms
  • Frequency Response 16Hz-22KHz
  • ANC (active noise cancelling) performance Maximum > 18Db (up to 87% active noise cancelling)
  • PNC (noise isolation) performance Up to 100-hour operating time with one AAA battery
  • Dimensions: 175mm x 135mm x 28mm
  • Weight (without touring case): 130g



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