Aug 26, 2011

Apple Need New Jobs

When Steve Jobs resigned from his position as CEO of Apple, experts ask: "Who could possibly replace the visionary founder of Apple?" Tim Cook, Apple's new CEO, is by all accounts the right person to lead Apple into the future, but who can take a position as a technology innovator Jobs of the century?

BlackBerry Messenger Music - New Service from RIM

Research in Motion (RIM) announced it would issue a new service that aims to increase market share in the smartphone market. Such a service is BlackBerry Messenger Music Service. RIM recently launched the public beta version of BBM Music in Canada, Britain and the United States, and is expected to be present in 14 countries before the year ends. These services basically designed music rental service with a heavy social component.

Portable Media Speaker - boomCAN or Gumball portable speakers

If you want to listen to songs, games and videos without using headphones but still easy to carry, then you can consider boomCAN Scosche, portable speakers that are only slightly larger than the film canister (if you remember in the days of digital cameras). This means that approximately 2.5 inches high and less than 2 inches wide.

Samsung Release Series 9

With promises faster performance, Samsung launched new models of Series 9.The new pair of models have a speedier core i5 . All of the new Series 9 laptops have a duralumin design (similar to aircraft construction), which Samsung claims is twice as strong as the typical aluminum used in laptops.  this exterior toughness, combined with durable solid state drives (SSD) for storage, makes the Series 9 a travel-friendly option that will survive the bumps that come from time on the road. Samsung also claims that these laptops will deliver 7 hours of battery life.

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