Apr 24, 2011

Apple vs Samsung - The Counterattack

Samsung finally make a 'counterattack' against Apple's lawsuit. South Korean electronics giant that called the Apple of infringing its patent.

Samsung Electronics has countered quickly and opened lawsuits in Germany, Japan and South Korea – accusing Apple that it has no right to use certain patents. “Samsung is actively responding to actions taken against us, just to protect our intellectual property”, says the company release.

The lawsuits relate to five patent infringement in regard to the optimization of data transmission and synchronization of the phone with the PC. Samsung's move comes just days after Apple sued Samsung for violating intellectual property rights of Apple products.

In the conflict between the two companies in recent days, users have intervened, too. According to Apple Insider, Android fans accuse the people at Apple that they copied Samsung products. In support of this statement, a viral document was released containing an infographics with a comparison between Samsung F700 terminal and a first generation iPhone.

“The graph is in error”, Apple fans have responded, claiming that Samsung’s F700 has not been officially presented at CeBIT 2006, but was mentioned as a future project, and it was launched in February 2007 at the 3GSM World Congress, one month after the iPhone was introduced at MacWorld.

While Samsung and Apple's sue each other, smartphones and tablet products also compete with each other. On the Samsung there are products S and Galaxy Galaxy Tab popular, on the part of Apple's existing iPhone and iPad.

On the other hand, Samsung and Apple are actually fairly close partners. Samsung is one of the major component suppliers of Apple products, including chipsets and LCD screens.

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