Aug 26, 2011

Apple Need New Jobs

When Steve Jobs resigned from his position as CEO of Apple, experts ask: "Who could possibly replace the visionary founder of Apple?" Tim Cook, Apple's new CEO, is by all accounts the right person to lead Apple into the future, but who can take a position as a technology innovator Jobs of the century?

Apple has plenty of time to make this transition, with or without Jobs, who has left a magnificent foundation for the company to build on and will be sticking around as chairman. Nonetheless, a company that’s been all about the next big thing since it created one of the first personal computers in 1976 will need a new big thing eventually. Otherwise, Apple’s very identity is at risk.

Obviously Jobs is a one of a kind visionary. After much thought, however, we pulled together a list of ten tech leaders  well known figures and a few emerging stars  who might be able to provide the leadership and influence that Silicon Valley (and the entire tech universe) came to expect from Steve Jobs.


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