Mar 24, 2011

Ipad 2 's Production Cost

 Editing by Trie

Ipad 2  is amazing. Just two days after its debut on the weekend, the second generation iPad sold nearly 1 million units.Comparing with the first generation iPad. To be able to reach the 1 million needed 28 days from the first launching in April 2010.

But, do you know how the cost of production to make Ipad 2 ??
iSuppli estimates that the original price of the device, that was booming sales, just amounted to 326.6 U.S. dollars. The difference with the iPad 1 only 6.6 U.S. dollars, where iPad 1 will cost 320 U.S. dollars per unit.If the manufacturing cost is calculated, then added at 10 U.S. dollars to 336.6 dollars per unit iPad 2.

What are the most expensive component of an iPad 2 ?
It turned the screen components and touch screen system ranked first, which is worth 127 U.S. dollars. This price is far more expensive than screen iPad 1 that only 95 U.S. dollars. Of course, since this latest screen specs better.

The price of the battery iPad 2 amounting to 25 USD, while the battery on the iPad 1 only 21 USD. This may be because the battery iPad 2's are thinner and use a three cell. On battery iPad 1 only 2 cells.

 Ipad2 A5 processor occupying the third highest price, amounting to 14 USD per chip. This price is clearly more expensive than the chips used on the iPad, which is about 75 percent more expensive.

To pay these three components, Apple must issue a pocket for 166 USD. That is, the money amounted to $ 160.6 more evenly distributed to other components 

How might still exist differences of more than 250 U.S. dollars for an iPad ? Well, do not forget there are more other costs that have not been out of the question, call it advertising, promotion, taxes, and others.

Source :  Forsel



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