Mar 23, 2011

Gadget Tips - How To Install Kinect To Your TV After Buying Kinect

If you have made the decision to get a Kinect, congratulations. Whether you buy a Kinect online or in a store, this addition to your Xbox will add a new dimension to your game playing experiences. Many consumers have made the decision to buy Kinect, because it is the first gaming unit that allows a user to interact with various games without using a controller. The user communicates to the unit through the use of body movement, voice commands, and other objects. Despite the complex technology it incorporates, installing Kinect to your television is a simple process.
After you buy Kinect, you will simply need to connect the Kinect sensor to your Xbox 360 in order to allow the fun to begin. To buy Kinect online is to open yourself to a new world of possibilities. The first step in setup is to unplug the USB cord from the back of your Xbox 360. The wireless network adaptor should be left alone and left attached to the console. The second step of the process will be to plug the Wi-Fi USB extension cable to the wireless network adaptor.
Next, you should open the small, oval door on the front of your 360 to expose the USB ports. The open end of the USB extension cable should be plugged into one of the two USB ports. The other end should be plugged into the network adaptor. After you buy Kinect in a store or buy Kinect online, you will need to locate the power cord. One end of the cord will plug into the Kinect unit, and the USB prong should be connected into the USB port on the back of the Xbox. A solid, green light on the Kinect display should be displayed if it has been connected correctly.
The final step to setup after you buy Kinect is to update the console software. You should insert the disc that is labeled "Kinect Adventures". Using the Xbox controllers, you should position the mouse to select "My Xbox" and then "Kinect Adventures". If the software must be updated, the Xbox will prompt you to do so. It may also be necessary to calibrate the Kinect itself. If not, then you are ready to enjoy your new toy.

Article by Jaden Phillips

See also the video below for more detail, I hope its can help you.


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