Mar 20, 2011

Gadget Tips – Love Your Eyes

Based on the research Dr. Jeffrey Anshel who quoted from PCWorld, Sunday (2/28/2010) average gadget users are willing to spend long hours - even days - to interact with their gadgets, like the iPhone, BlackBerry, Kindle, and Xbox. Apple's latest gadget, IPAD also predicted would win the hearts of the gadget enthusiast.

Normally human eye can only see with a comfortable if the focus is at a minimum distance of 20 feet (about 6 meters). When using the gadget your eye sight at a distance of less than 2 times (about 60 cm), even closer.

Coercion has sparked some complaints that referred to as computer vision syndrome (CVS). Symptoms include dry eyes, headaches and if left unchecked will continue to lead the view was blurred or unfocused.

Here are tips to make a fresh eye, when we interact with the gadget :

Often winked

When interacting with a gadget, the eyes should be 2-3 times the normal eye blinking. This is to avoid dryness of the eye. Also a time to rest when his eyes began to weary. Do not be forced.

20/20/20 rules

Every 20 minutes, look at objects as far as 20 feet, with 20 seconds view directed to different objects.

Adjust the room lighting conditions

When interacting with a backlit LCD, we should have a light enough space. For example, turn on the light table or room. This is to prevent the eye directly under the spotlight of a backlit LCD. As a result the eye muscles also become tired quickly.

Consult a doctor if needed

For workers who spend a full day in front of the monitor, should be asked for advice on doctors to use anti-radiation lens. This is to prevent the eye into the cylinder, because the demands of work.


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