Mar 14, 2011

Gadget - Ipad 2 vs Ipad 1

On Friday, March 11, 2011 Apple release the Apple iPad 2. You also can get them at online stores or in retail stores. Honestly, there’s not a lot of shocking things by Apple when release the second generation of Ipad. However, it must be admitted that within one year of age that Ipad can not compete with product categories like.

Reliability on an impressive display technology is the power of this product. Still, after all Apple didn’t stay silent, at least the addition of “three-axis gyro” sensors will add flare use of various applications in the future.

Compare with 1st Generation

Although the dimensions of the iPad 1 is already the most fit to carry, thought to reduce the thickness of the factors to be the main agenda of the second generation of Apple prior to releasing this. The result is very significant, decreased nearly 5 mm has been very good. Once confirmed as a tablet device is the thinnest. As a comparison, Dell Streak still at number 10 mm. Not easy to cut to 8.8 mm, because certainly pertains to the use of multiple chips.

The significant difference of Ipad2 is use a camera. But the camera is not really intended for shooting, but to accommodate the interests of the use of FaceTime features.
Application of this one using video with a codec H-264 or AAC. While the signal using a VoIP protocol. FaceTime so different from regular video calls using the GSM 3G network, the cost would have been quite expensive. FaceTime while using the internet base.

The use of dual cores, hopefully will be able to improve performance. This is in line with the introduction of the new OS version was published concurrent release of IPAD 2.

The last is multitasking capabilities of Ipad2 that are not owned Ipad1

iPAD 1
iPAD 2
242,8 x 189,7 x 13,4 mm
241,2 x 185,7 x 8,8 mm
730 gr
607 gr
Without Sensor Three-Axis Gyro
With Sensor Three-Axis Gyro
Apple A4
Apple A5 Dual-core ARM Cortex-A9
0,7 MP (front & back)

IPad 2 adopted many facilities on the iPhone 4. In other words, such as moving the phone to the tablet. iPad 2. But still, the market leader of pc tablet right now is Ipad.

Bitten Apple ...I want to have it  :)


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