Aug 24, 2011

Yahoo! Releases Android Phone

Hostility Yahoo and Google because of business competition often somewhat subsided. This is marked by Yahoo launches Android phone, which is actually Google's operating system. 

Yahoo! Phone, thus its name, made ​​by a Japanese manufacturer, Sharp. This phone is devoted only to be sold in Japan. In collaboration with SoftBank operator, the handset is planned to be marketed from next month.

Yahoo! Phone Handset pretty solid. Its features include 4 inch QHD screen (960 × 540 pixels), 8-megapixel camera with auto focus, and complete connectivity features of Android. Indeed, this handset is a derivative of Sharp SoftBank 009SH. There are also features a TV Tuner in Yahoo Phone. Rather watch TV via mobile phone facility is quite popular in Japan.

Then why is called Yahoo! Phone? Apparently in which an application range of Yahoo services. So the user can access it easily in mobile


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