May 10, 2011

Google Goggles, a New Way of Searching

For those of you Android smartphone owners, have you tried the application Google Goggles? If not, should you have to immediately try it out.

This application uses image recognition technology to identify objects and provide search results from the image. Google Goggles are able to identify the product, famous buildings, signage, shops, artwork, and popular images online.

How do to use it? You can just take a photo of an object and the search results of pictures instantly ready to be served. 

Moreover, now Google Goggles has been updated to version 1.4 with the addition of several new features. The biggest additions is the presence of notes on the history of searches you have done You can also do cropping to eliminate objects that are not desired entry into the search.

The more curious about this application? 
For the Android smartphone owners, especially those with version 2.0 and above, immediately surf the Android Market and download this free application.



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