Apr 19, 2011

Eprint HP on iPhone - If You Can Email It, You Can Print It

Apple iPhone 3G 8GB - Black - UnlockedPrint documents directly from the iPhone to the printer at home or at work has been enabled without a Wi-Fi if you have HP printers that have a technology Eprint, but you have to download  "HP Eprint Service App for iPhone" newly available on the App Store.

Solution "HP Eprint Enterprise" itself allows users to print from the company network via the HP Managed Print Services to thousands of locations printers (HP) all over the world.

With the presence of HP Eprint application, iPhone users can print the e-mails, presentations, reports, notes and other travel to any printer on the network office. In order to keep data safe and not out of the corporate network, all print jobs are managed by the HP Software Enterprise Administrative Eprint Server.

IPhone users can also easily search the directory to see the locations of existing print. He also can utilize the GPS function to enter the smart phone HP Mobile Print Locations Eprint that includes retail shops print and copy as well as hotel and airport Lounges. Free of course!

Eprint is a typical feature of HP in some new printers that make printers have their own e-mail address. So if you want to print photos or documents from a distance just send e-mail with attachments to a printer. No need to switch the Wi-Fi, or use a PC and a USB cable connection. Importantly, the printer is connected to the Internet.  



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