Apr 21, 2011

Apple vs Samsung vs LG

Apple requires Samsung to court-related product design plagiarism. Many people respond to this dispute, including some fans Android Apple reportedly argued that the true precisely mimic the Samsung from the beginning.

They presented evidence of Samsung's first touch screen phone released the same shape as the iPhone. The handset is the Samsung F700, which was first exhibited at the Cebit exhibition in 2006, or about a year before the iPhone first appeared.

F700 is very similar views the iPhone, it's just another argument of the opinion Samsung F700 hasn't been shown to February 2007, or a month after the debut of the first iPhone. F700 said hurriedly released by Samsung as the answer to the iPhone. 

But if the last argument is true, F700 still carry some of the features that aren't owned by the first generation iPhone. For example, support 7.2 Mbps HSDPA and 5 megapixel camera. 

Actually, Apple's first ever LG complained that the product design mimics iPhone, LG Prada, which has been displayed since 2006. Like the iPhone, this phone is a square and be the first mobile phone on the market with capacitive touch screen. 

When Apple introduced the iPhone, LG officials, Woo Young Kwak immediately held a press conference and assess the iPhone has been imitating the design of Prada.

"We consider that mimics Apple's Prada phone after the design was revealed and won the award in 2006," he said. But the company decided not to bring the issue to court impersonation.

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