Jun 2, 2011

The World's First Mobile Cloud

The phone does not work without a SIM card. But now there are phones that do not need a SIM card. Movirtu his name, the phone is working with cloud computing system.

In this phone there MXShare supporting software and a special mobile number. These numbers can be accessed any cell phone, and can be used as an information service, as well as other basic functions like calling and texting. With cloud services, all of the data was not stored in the phone or internal memory.

The cloud phone is a great example of a product created specifically for the developing world which also has applications in rich countries. This is a trend to look out for in the global mobile market as novel business models and tech products originate in emerging markets and spread into developed economies, rather than vice versa.

Movirtu, London-based company that was founded in 2008 is created phones cloud for poor areas in Africa and South Asia whose income is not enough to buy a SIM card. They are convinced that the cloud-based phones will become a global market trends 



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