Mar 30, 2011

Charge Your Gadget Use Heart Rate

 At the conference National Meeting and Exposition of the American Chemical Society, a team of scientists say they develop a very small chip, to be pinned on human limbs, to generate electricity for the gadget. Not only a heartbeat, the other the slightest movement, such as pinch, can generate electricity

 This technology uses "zinc oxide nanowiresthat generate electricity tense third. Which means almost all the gestures, ranging from walking until your heart rate can produce electricity.

Dr. Zhong Lin Wang of Georgia Isntitute of Technology, USA, who led the development of this chip, said he and his team have used this technology to turn on the LCD screen. He and his team attempt to capture and combine the energies of millions of super-sized nanowires small. So small, 500 nanowires can fit in a human hair.

 Five nano generators together produce an electric current of 1 micro ampere at voltage 3 volts. This is equivalent to the voltage generated by 2 units of AA batteries.

Dr Wang mentioned, wires and nano generators more and gathered together, could generate enough electricity to power gadgets such as iPods or mobile phones.

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